Thursday, 4 March 2010

The big freeze continues.

Today started in thick fog but ended in lovely sunshine. Sadly it's still much too cold at night and not warm enough during the day to make any inroads into melting all that accumulated snow. Walking remains a precarious affair as the top layer of snow withers a bit in the sun but then freezes up again during the night which makes it very icy indeed and dangerously slippery. We also have to keep looking down to make sure we don't step onto sheer ice and I always worry I might miss something such as deer and foxes while staring at the ground. We've had snow since the 18th December last year which is a 40 year record here in Scotland apparently.

There is no end in sight yet of this cold weather so the only thing to do is continue to make the most of it photography wise (my 2010 album is already bigger than the whole of 2009 put together!) and hope that the universe will repay us with a glorious spring and summer!

Here is a picture of the old railway bridge as some of you might not have seen it yet. It's been quite some time since I pictured it on this blog. There is another similar bridge for the same old railway line but that has now ended up standing incongruously in the middle of a field. Our bridge still has a useful function, leading the lane over the old railway and it does get inspected regularly to see if it's still fit for purpose (hence the number that can be seen in my previous post).

Despite that I try and not go underneath it when there is a car or lorry going overhead. Fortunately we don't get much traffic at all so this is not too difficult.


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I just love beautiful old bridges ... and wonder about the stories of the many who have passed over them. Day workers - holiday travelers - elopements - escapes...

I'm totally over this winter thing. This has just been the PITS. I hope you're right about a glorious Spring and Summer - I'm more than ready!

JP said...

I can't believe tis - we have had some beautful spring days and everything is starting to grow again!

Terri said...

This is my first time stopping by your blog. I think it is lovely. I enjoyed looking at many of your photos.
It looks so darn cold there! I do hope you get a break soon, then maybe you will see some signs of spring : )


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