Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Frozen beauty

After yesterday's contemplative post which certainly hit a nerve with many of you, I have spend most of today giving things some more thought and have also replied to individual e-mails on the subject. Thanks so much for all the reactions! In the end my conclusion is that you can only do your best and come up with solutions that work for yourself and that can be different for each and everyone of us. In my case sharing with you all has also helped!

Today was spend going out into the wide, white, wonderful world and finding beauty with my camera to sooth the soul. And once you're outside beauty is everywhere, some in nature and other in unexpected man made ways.

At the top of the blog is the meadow sweet flower that grew in our compost heap this summer. It looks stunning frozen and has both great texture and line, so very inspirational for a quilter!
Above is a picture of the painted number of the more than 100 years old bridge just down from our cottage which carries our rural lane on top, with the old railway line where I walk the dogs underneath. I love the texture of the bridge's old stones and the white contrast lettering and always touch the stones with my fingers when I pass. How many people have done this before me? And what were their lives like?

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

Such beautiful photos Frieda, and very true words. I so enjoy reading your posts. sending love, lenna


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