Saturday, 6 March 2010

Troi is No. 1!

During my visit to the quiltshow last weekend, I bought several back copies of the Quilter's Home magazine. This is one of the very few quilting magazines to which I don't subscribe and yet, whenever I see an issue I always end up buying it and reading it from cover to cover. This magazine used to be edited by Mark Lipinski although now sadly he has apparently left it. He's starting a new magazine (Mark Lipinski's Create) so I'll keep out an eye for that one. I feel another subscription is on the cards!

Quilter's Home is the only quilting magazine that makes me laugh out loud regularly, not least because Mark insists on addressing us as Cupcake, Dude. baby, honey, kid, and other Americanisms, that I would love to introduce in my talks! Better not though, don't want to frighten anyone! Can you imagine greeting a hall full of quilting ladies with: hi cupcakes??!!

Anyway before my mind starts to wander all together, what I wanted to tell you all is that in the Oct/Nov 2009 issue there is an article entitled: Eight best dogs for quilters. Of course this was the very first thing I HAD to cast my eye over and guess what???

Okay, you've probably guessed it already by the picture at the top but here it is: "greyhounds are the primo patchworking dogs". And why might this be: "They're gentle, calm and make great indoor pets. And because of their thin coat, they need to be kept warm. Hellooo! Cold dog + wam quilts = match made in heaven!" Once I had read this, I immediately started to feel guilty as I haven't made Troi a quilt ever. Mind you, she has "the biggest beanbag in the world" as well as a large furry rug covering that beanbag so she's not exactly deprived of comfort.
But when she looks at me like she does above, who could possibly refuse her anything? Not me, that's for sure!


Jude said...

She is so beautiful..
Sadly,by the time any magazine reaches Crete, the price is extortionate..example Cloth, Paper, Scissors, = nearly 12 euros!!!I just can't afford the prices, and when I order them, they add silly money to send them here...I don't live that far away really... not Australia..I'm in Europe. for goodness sake.
We can't get basic wadding sent here without spending 50 euros on postage....of course, you can't get decent wadding here..
Not complaining really....

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Troi is beautiful! : ) lenna

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

LOL - in that photo, Troi looks so ... so ... needy! LOL They do know how to tug our heartstrings, don't they?

I made a Dusty-sized quilt for him years ago. He refuses to sleep on it. He just puts his toys there for "storage." Which, I guess, is a good thing LOL

Now - go make that poor chilly dog a quilt!

Maggi said...

She is such a beautiful dog! That is too funny about the magazine editor, I call people "babe, dude, man and sweetie" all the time. You should add at least one to your regular vocabulary, they're fun! lol

Debby said...

Ah!!! Troi is so darned sweet! Love seeing pics of her.

serendipity said...

aren't they just greyt pets.
I have an 8 year old ex racer brindle soppy as a sack but luv her to bits
Give Troi a scratch behind the ears
joan and boden betty in italy


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