Friday, 16 July 2010

Skinny Pages for Trinka

As I had made the paper-collage background for the Artchix Butterfly ATCs of the previous post I put it to some more use making one side of my skinny pages for Trinka. The skinny pages are sized 4 x 8" and we exchange them every month with another artist of the OhMyGothic Yahoo Group. Trinka had no specific theme for her pages but one of her likes are women's faces and because I like these too I went with them for the two sides of my page for her.

The faces I used come from Renaissance paintings and at the top is the first one with the butterfly background. I added an additional butterfly as well as the vintage text that reads: Of beauty is thy earthly dower.

The other side of the page features another left-over fabric-paper collage and again I have added two butterflies as well as a vintage velvet flower (from Lost Art Creations). A little crown charm was also glued on as well as the vintage text: Beauty is truth, truth beauty.

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