Monday, 19 July 2010

Colour to Feel Spread

It's quite surprising now that I have started to pay attention, just how many items worth scavenging come into this house on an almost daily basis. The newspaper came up with the Ophelia picture (as apparently the real location for this painting has been located) and an advert provided the image of Mary Stuart (painted in the 17th C.). The background for the page on the right is a collage made from an old drawing of mine combined with old book pictures. On the left the drawing is of a piece of Indian embroidery in my possession to which I have added a tiny bit of fabric in the centre. The text Colour to Feel and the samples of paint colours come from a leaflet found in a well-know DIY store. There is lots to scavenge there!!

All that scavenging is for my Sketchbook Project of course and I'm really becoming an expert scavenger. The danger is that I won't stop once the project is over and ever more "stuff" will be preserved, "just in case"!! As we had another shed build today there is yet more room for everything although John was quick to claim it as his! Mind you, I have reserved a corner of it already to do my fabric dying and painting in once we have installed a sink! So there!!!


Debby said...

Hello my dear friend! I am so far behind on my blog hopping. I love all the beautiful new pieces you have shared since my last visit, as always your art inspires me. Love the pages for Trinka. Your new banner is gorgeous.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Frieda, I love your scavenging theme and think it is perfectly suited to you. And I like when you stretch the boundaries of "scavenging" for your sketchbook project. I always think about how somewhere in the directions it says to use your theme as a guideline, not something that locks you in. I think you are doing just that!! I look forward to joining you by actively working in my own sketchbook for the project soon!! xoxox lenna


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