Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A Mystery

Today was such a gorgeous, sunny day that I left all thoughts of working on quilts etc. far behind me and simply settled down to reading books in the sunshine, pottering around the garden and trying to decide on a colour to paint our new shed. John was horrified by my suggestion of sunshine colour stripes as you see on beach huts so I'll probably have to settle for something a bit more sedate and calm to keep my oh so English husband happy. I can't understand what he has against such pretty colours and he can't understand why I want them!

Which brings me neatly to the theme for the ATC I did manage to produce. It's for the Artchix Studio themed lottery on Flickr and our latest winner has settled on the new theme of Mystery.

So connecting these two events today was oh so easy because the text was almost staring me in the face. What else could it be but: "He will always be a mystery to me". Artchix Studio provided both the images and I donated a pieced fabric background from an old, and abandoned quilt. The final touch was that delightful sparkly transparency of which I just can't get enough. It's very transparent but at the same time it sparkles like mad, specially on such a sunny day. I obtained it from Create and Craft! Definitely a must-have buy!

1 comment:

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I love the donated quilt background, frieda and i think I must try some of the sparkling transparency. thanks for the link!
p.s. Men!! what a mystery ; ^ )


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