Saturday, 17 July 2010

Dreaming of other Days Spread

Once I begin to work in my sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project I seem to be unable to stop.The great finds in my own studio were an added incentive to keep on going and checking out items that I could recycle in my position as scavenger and put to another and probably better use. Definitely better than gathering dust in my cupboards and other nooks and crannies. I found a collage I made years ago to serve as a starting point for making a crazy quilt and then also discovered the crazy quilt sample itself. Not as you (and I!) might expect some place near the collage but in another box far removed. What am I thinking of when putting stuff away? Not of the job in hand, that's for sure!

This is my first piece of actual fabric in the sketchbook and I wanted to re-use it but as the background for something else. That something else in the end turned out to be some vintage images from a John L Stoddard Journal about Southern California, originally bought to be used in my Vintage Gluebook. The monk in the alleyway formed an almost seamless transition with the flowers in the collage. What might he be thinking of? The vintage text and the broken Maria statues on the other page might provide the answer. Is he "dreaming of other days"?

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