Saturday, 17 July 2010

Geranium Spread

I keep scavenging for my Sketchbook Project and the interpretation of the word (and my sketchbook theme) Scavenger is getting ever wider. Can you still call it scavenging when you take photographs of nature? No idea but I''m saying yes and that's why this photograph I took of geraniums (or pelargoniums to give them their correct botanical name) in our cottage window made it into my sketchbook. I have printed this on matte photo paper obtained in the Pound shop. Is paying only one pound for anything scavenging. Again no idea but I continue to say yes.

The quality of the print was surprisingly good (note to self, get some more of that paper soon!) and it was stitched onto a pre-painted page and further adorned with a most definitely scavenged postage stamp.

On the facing page I scavenged an old quilt design from my studio. This design was only in pencil and never made it any further into an actual quilt but I had a lot of fun playing with it yesterday, colouring it in with NeoColorII oil pastels and going over that with a water brush. Now that it is coloured in I'm thinking maybe a quilt would not have been such a bad idea!

My scavenging in my own studio (again no idea if you can scavenge from yourself?) has already paid off handsomely in all kinds of discoveries of things I had long forgotten I had or that were lost in the general chaos of that room. I'm having such a good time re-purposing them.

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