Friday, 2 July 2010

Smelling the Roses

After the excitement of the football I returned to the garden to catch the last rays of sunshine. We've had a few rain showers over the last few days, but mainly during the night and not enough to replenish any reservoirs probably. Today was overcast but when the sun did manage to peep from behind the clouds it was very warm indeed. Now the roses are really coming out and I'm making no excuses to showing photographs galore like I do every year!

These pictures fit in well with the second postcard I did with my last Alpha Stamps kit which was all about flowers and gardens and which you can find here. On the front I used a fabric-paper collage and added images from Alpha Stamps Tallulah's Flowers Collage Sheet. The paper flowers and butterfly are also available from Alpha Stamps.

I also decorated the back of the card and used fabric images of a postage stamp and the writing on the back of an actual vintage postcard in my possession. The butterfly, Gardening quote and background paper as well as the Postcard stamp are again from Alpha Stamps. The edges of this card were distressed using a Distress Inkpad Walnut Stain.

Don't these roses look gorgeous against the background of the crumbling wall. We are having it (that's the wall, not the rose!) re-rendered in August but in the meantime I'm enjoying the texture! The yellow rose is among one of my favourites despite being a modern one. It's called Masquerade and the colour will slowly change from that yellow to pink! So delicious.


Amy Brecount White said...

Hi, Frieda. You might be interested in my debut novel, FORGET-HER-NOTS (HarperCollins, 2010). It's all about the language of flowers come magically to life!

Have a wonderful summer!


friedaquilter said...

Thanks so much, Amy! And of course, I simply could not resist buying your book, even if only for the beautiful cover. But I'm sure I will enjoy the rest of it too once it arrives!


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