Thursday, 22 July 2010

Let the Sunshine In Spread

It seems like ages since I last made a spread in my Vintage Gluebook. Most of my attention is directed towards the Sketchbook Project at the moment but despite that fact, I do have my regular wanderings around Ebay 's vintage materials. Really, there should be a pop-up window whenever you click on Ebay saying that "visiting this site can seriously damage your financial health"! I try and not spend a lot on any single vintage item I bid for but all those little amounts can still add up to quite a lot!

Not that this is a complaint, definitely not. I love getting my little packages from all over the world and opening them with eager hands. And this week I had a particular wonderful experience when I found what I have been looking for, for quite some time now! In the process I saved myself £120 so even from a monetary point of view I did well. I will reveal all about this in an upcoming post.

For the spread in my gluebook I used the cover of an Almanac from 1891. Although I did not pay very much for it, I don't want to use it but leave it intact so the image on the left-hand side of the spread is a copy, rather than an original, but everything else on this spread is real vintage. In fact the gentleman sleeping the day away in his wheelbarrow comes from the same illustration as the boys in The New Boy spread.

I made this spread sitting in our new shed in my very own little corner which I have claimed as my own, looking out over the lawn and when I looked up there was a phaesant hen eating seed which I had thrown for the birds. So beautiful! I'm beginning to understand what it is with men and their sheds!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

Oh you made me laugh with the comment about men/sheds! But so glad you have your own little spot with a window, Frieda! perfect. I love this spread too. I think you cut out parts of the cover and placed it on the map? I really like how that looks. : ) lenna

Monica said...

Yes it very quickly adds up. The smaller the item the quicker the spending. This is a lovely page. It reminds me of the scrapbooks created by family and friends many years ago and thrust upon me to keep me quiet and occupied.


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