Tuesday, 17 August 2010

100% authentic Spread

I could not resist using the Clematis photos seen in an earlier blog, in my Sketchbook. For this spread the background on both pages is fabric and were samples for a coat I made many, many moons ago during my City & Guild Embroidery days in the early 90s. As my theme for the Sketchbook Project is: I'm a Scavenger, I had a huge clear-out in my studio scavenging my old work and these were some of the treasures I came up with. Another sample are the circles that were a prelimary test of some techniques I used in a wallhanging.

The clematis photo is on the facing page together with a scavenged postage stamp which picked up on all the colours in this spread nicely. The words were added by rubber stamping on the photo.

By the way if you're interested in The Sketchbook Project but have some questions check out this post by Lenna Andrews on her blog, where she explains the whole process. I could not have put it any better myself although I have to be honest and admit that I am far less relaxed about sending my sketchbook on its way when I'm done with it than Lenna is. Even the fact that it will form a permanent part of the Brooklyn, NY Art Library Collection and that I have also opted for digitilizing my sketchbook once it arrives with the organizers of this project, will make parting with it a not so sweet sorrow! If you are in the US all the sketchbooks in this project (over 12.000 already!) will be on tour next year (2011) in a variety of venues, and you can take that opportunity to borrow and look through the sketchbooks of your choice.

Should I emigrate now? I would so love to have the chance but so far there is no talk of taking it abroad.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

Frieda! Your new blog header and background are so divine! I love the colors in both and you know I really adore that journal quilt with the fabric paper sections. what a treat to see this as part of your blog.
Also, your new sketchbook spread is so great -especially seeing the photo you recently shared with us now transfered to fabric and part of your sketchbook. Such lovely fabric art!
I imagine I will hesitate, look once more, and maybe take another photo before I send my sketchbook off -but no regrets. Its purpose will be fulfilled. Maybe there is a way we could arrange a rendezvous at one of the sketchbook tour dates though, and check our own books out! ; ^ )))))


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