Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Ivory and Mango ATCs

All my Ivory and Mango cards have been received by Lenna, Debby and Caryl, otherwise known as the Colour Groupies some days ago so time to post them on the blog too.

A bit of a strange colour combination this month which at first had me a bit stumped about what to do. Finally a ribbon already in my collection formed the starting point and I mounted it onto an ivory machine quilted background. Then for some reason my mind started to wander (all my school reports mention that I dream too much, as if this is a bad thing!) and came up with sailors carving ivory whilst at sea (and eating mango to counteract scurvy) and that in turn meant I wanted to use men on these cards. I found some charming vintage ones on an Artchix Studio collage sheet and while searching for them I also found the gothic arches transparencies on another Artchix sheet.

The whole lot was mixed together, a few butterflies added for good measure and the cards then were finished with a strong orange thread and satin stitching. I know mango is definitely not this bright but the men demanded something forceful to keep them in check! Just above you can see the man I hung on to for myself.


Miss Iowa said...

These are great! You really worked that color combination. (Mangoes = yum!).

Sandra said...

WOW! I love the story behind the artwork and I am a big fan of mangoes both to eat and to view... love the color saturation and stitching. Quite lovely - lucky ladies. I still hold the ATC I received from you from the August swap in high regard. Thanks for posting. ~ Sandra


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