Monday, 16 August 2010

Collage Coterie Class starts

When I saw that Mary Green, the teacher for the Vintage Gluebook Class I did back in May had another class on offer, I barely even checked what it was about before clicking to pay for it.

It's called Collage Coterie (you'll see a button for it in the sidebar as well) and needless to say it's all about collage. It started yesterday and one of the lovely features is that Mary gives us a creative Prompt at the end of each lesson. For lesson 1 it was: Small Packages. The lesson also gave information about using gesso on vintage papers and Mary used an ATC for her example.

So combining all those elements I started on an ATC too and made the background with vintage papers and gesso as per Mary's instructions. Then I started thinking about small packages and rummaging through my box of vintage images and before too long I came across an image with donkeys carrying heavy loads, the opposite of small packages really. But I took it on board and added the donkeys as shown. The next thing I wanted to do was add some text along the line of "the load is too heavy" or something to that effect. I looked in the index of my vintage book of quotations and what I eventually came up with was : "a load of immortality". Not exactly a small package but it very much suited my donkeys! A vintage postage stamp picks up the colour of the vintage wallpaper used in the background. For some reason this ATC is so pleasing to me! Sometimes it all comes together like clockwork and those days are to be treasured!

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MosaicMagpie said...

Loved the post and the ATC. I am involved in an ATC swap so I was very interested.
Thank you for sharing.


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