Friday, 10 September 2010

Rose and Cream ATCs

As most of you know I exchange ATCs every month with 3 other artists (Lenna, Caryl and Debby). Together we are the Colour Groupies and every month brings a new colour combination that we all use to make our cards. For September it was Rose and Cream and whether I was in a specially romantic mood this month or whether it was the roses but mine turned out very, very sweet. They have now landed with the other Groupies and can therefore be revealed here.

I miscalculated the amount of background which was also used for other projects and I had not have enough left to make one for myself to keep but here are the 3 I made. The background is formed by sewing different strips of fabric (rose fabric in this case in cream and rose colours) to Fast2Fuse, and adding machine quilting. The Victorian scrap roses were added as were the bird circular stickers (from Cavallini). All this was covered by sparkly transparencies (from Create and Craft) and a suitable vintage text.
Another rose fabric was ironed onto to the back of the Fast2Fuse and the edges were finished by zigzag stitching by machine.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

As always, I love mine the best (top left) but they are all so beautiful Frieda! I think that the theme of cream and rose did put you in an exceptionally romantic mood . . . love the vintage text you chose. You have some very romantic vintage books, so pretty. xo lenna

Debby said...

Hello!!!! I just love these atc's, they are so beautiful.


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