Friday, 8 October 2010

Another 200 blocks

Yet again I'm in the process of sewing 200 blocks for what will be my final quilt for the colour - quilts - collage exhibition and like the last time I did this (over the winter) time is hanging heavily on my hands. Some days the stack of blocks grows satisfyingly fast, while on other days nothing much is produced and instead I'm seeking distraction elsewhere. Over the last few days a small Journal Quilt has been finished for a travelling exhibition starting next year and covering a lot of European venues. Sadly no pictures till it starts but I'm fairly happy with it and enjoyed the hand sewing involved.

Yesterday we went for a long walk with the dogs along our lane and were surprised to discover how many trees had changed colour since about a week ago and the leaves have started to fall. The whole of our garden is now also bathed in an orange glow with yellow and brown undertones. Autumn has started to show its true colours, and today I tried and grabbed some of it with my camera!
Tomorrow it will be back to those blocks but future trips to celebrate and admire autumn are in the planning!

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

i cannot imagine the amount of work it would take for sewing 200 quilt blocks, eeek! But, if this is your last quilt for your exhibition that starts next April, then it sounds to me like you definitely have a hold of the situation, Frieda!

And your photos are so very welcome and enjoyed, especially since here in Florida we do not have the same kind of seasons as you have, or as we did have in CT. I appreciate all that you share here . . .


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