Sunday, 10 October 2010

Quilting to the beat

Hand stitching is what I love best about making quilts but that doesn't mean I don't machine quilt from time to time. Today was such an occasion as contrary to my planning I decided to make another little Journal Quilt for a travelling exhibition on the theme of Freedom, organized by a German quilter. You can read all about it on this website.

I have taken part in 2 previous exhibitions organized by Gudrun Heinz and in fact, one of my piecies (Have I got news for you) is still travelling at the moment. It's been to exotic places like Russia, the Tsech Republic, Switserland and many others.
One Freedom piece was finished this week and on a whim a companion piece took shape in my head and today also entered the real world. The background is free machine quilted using what I call a pebble stitch. A real favourite for me but in order to do it I need music with rhythm and a loud beat. The CDs from the American Anthem album (a birthday gift from John) provided this in spades and pebbles were shaped under my hands by the sewing machine while I loudly sang along (badly!!) with the songs on the CDs! I can't show you the two pieces yet but a small detail can't do any harm!
It all made for a fun day specially as we also walked along the lane with the dogs in the autumn gloom! There too the main colour was orange.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

Frieda!! i could not imagine what "American Anthems" would be until i went to the amazon link. How cool it is that it turns out to be cheap trick, billy idol, journey (oooooh!), huey lewis & the news, the knack (i'm there - in 1979!!), soul asylum and Santana to name a few. WOW! what fun. I would be quilting to the beat too!!!! Love the little detail of your JQ you snuck in there for us too. xoxoxo

Georgina said...

Can't wait to see the final wonder! I bet non-quilters would be bemused at the thought of a gentle stitcher rocking her socks off!!


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