Friday, 12 November 2010

Apple and White ATCs

Our latest colour combination for the Colour Groupies is Apple and White. I automatically interpreted this as apple green and white but one of the other Groupies read this as apple red and white. Perhaps this is because I prefer green apples so that was the colour that came to my mind first.It just goes to show language can be confusing.
I made the ATCs for Caryl, Debby, Lenna and Tristan back at the beginning of October, mailed them at the beginning of November and they have now all safely landed on the other side of the pond.
I used one of our very own crab apples in the making of this ATC. We really tried to eat them as they are the very first ones ever to appear on the tree that we planted some 10 years ago, but I simply could not manage it. The apples were too sour, and adding lots of sugar and baking the apples still did not make them taste any better, while at the same time making them pretty unhealthy! So instead I used a small one as a stamp by cutting it in half and adding acrylic green paint and stamping onto a white fabric background. I echo quilted by hand all around the apple shape and then added the image of the apple blossom fairies (from Altered Pages) and vintage text (different on each card) The cards (all more or less identical) were finished with white satin stitching and beading with size 11 seed beads


Annette said...

Freida -I love the apple and white ATC - quite charming. As usual your beading is beautiful, Annette

dls said...

Your quilts are just lovely. Sad to hear the waves quilt was stolen. Hopefully, someone appreciates the exquisite work involved with your lost treasure. Thanks for sharing your art.

dls said...

PS: also enjoyed seeing the ATC cards..... they are so fun!


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