Saturday, 20 November 2010

Beading the Spring quilt

There is not much going on to blog about as I'm keeping my head down both literally and figuratively speaking, and am frantically (not something you would normally associate with beading) adding beads to my Spring quilt. I do enjoy this Zen activity in ordinary circumstances, but I would really like (want, need!!!) this quilt to be finished so that I can concentrate on other activities to do with my exhibition next year, in the relaxed knowledge that I do at least have enough quilts to show, whatever else happens.
Working while putting that kind of pressure on yourself is not a good idea and I keep muttering I'm never going down this road again even though I know full well that I will, if the occasion should come up in the future. I'm giving myself a carrot as a reward though, by promising myself (and John, who gets most of the flak) a long, and restful summer off next year! Only the small matter of trying to straighten out my studio is on the agenda!! Just looking around it at the moment is enough to make a shudder pass down my spine. And as I usually thrive on and in chaos, that should give you some idea of it's dismal state.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

This quilt and all the beading is so beautiful. thank you for showing us a glimpse of it!

Maggi said...

My craft room looks like a bomb went off in it, even when I've just finished cleaning it. LOL

The beading looks lovely so far, here's wishing you a speedy finish! :)

Terri said...

I understand the pressure. But at least as you work on it you are looking at something gorgeous! The beads are stunning on it.

I have just spent 3 days (well, at least the free time I have had in those days) sorting beads! I am finally all cleaned up in that area, next I tackle my worktable...It is in serious need of help. So I do understand.

Heather Beading said...

Quilting and beads look absolutely fabulous together. Your work is beautiful and I like the colors. Yes cleaning up the work area can be quite a task. I have recently had major surgery, thinking I could do a lot of beading while recovering, but, no at the same time broke my wrist, so like you had a clean up. Time well spent. Keep up the beautiful work and thanks for sharing your quilts with us all.


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