Wednesday, 29 December 2010

31 years

We managed to escape today, even though it was only to Peebles, some 12 miles away. It was the first time I had been any further than West Linton since the snow began in late November, and the difference was amazing. From a snowy picture on the road (as seen at the bottom of this blog and looking much like our lane) to a town, where therewas hardly any snow to be seen.I took the opportunity to snap a blip that for the first time since I started blipping features no snow. Instead it's of the war memorial in Peebles High Street and it's stunning copper dome. The actual blip was a closer detail of the picture seen below.

And talking of escape, that's also what I did on this day 31 years ago, but on a very much larger scale. I moved from The Netherlands to the U.K. on a day without snow but with galeforce winds (not much fun on the ferry!) and unending rain. I still remember that we got lost on the North Circular Road in London before finally reaching Slough, where I was renting a flat in time for starting my new job in the U.K. Who could have guessed I would still be here after all that time?

Over the years gone by, I have come to think of myself as British or to be even more precise Scottish and I have developed a fierce pride in my adopted home country. Despite that, I will never fully belong here just like I don't belong in the Netherlands anymore. Most of the time I don't give the whole question of emigrating a lot of thought but the 29th December is always a moment for contemplation.

Who would have thought back in 1979 that one of my quilts (Variation on Vasarely) would be made into a map of that new home country of Great Britain to advertise the exhibitions organized by Grosvenor Exhibitions. They used it for their advertising last year and it gave me a real jolt of pleasure to see that my quilt will perform the same function again in 2011. A great beginning to a year that hasn't even started yet.


Maggi said...

What an honor to have your quilt used again! That copper dome is amazingly beautiful!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

That is an honor Frieda, but in fact it does not surprise me!!! You have been quilting for quite some time and your skill and artistry always shows through I think. Congratulations! : ^ ))

Terri said...

Wow Frieda, that is so fabulous! Congratulations on having your own quilt honored in such a way!


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