Friday, 31 December 2010

The last day

Another year almost at an end! What will next year bring? Probably better not to know but take it a day at a time. The weather remains dark, brooding and misty. As the ground is so much colder than the surrounding air (we've made it above zero degrees for the first time in almost a month) a fine white fog seems to rise up from the ground which I found fascinating but which proved hard to capture in a picture. Above is the best one I took today and thus it also became my last blip for 2010.
I hardly ever make New Year's resolutions (just as well as I never manage to stick to them anyway) but for 2011 I'm fairly determined to blip every day! It should not prove too difficult as I was taking pictures almost every day even before I started blipping.
I'm also feeling particularly virtuous (which is good on the last day of a year almost gone) as I made Debby's skinny pages. I was due to make these in January so to have them finished already means one less item on the To Do list which will be transferred to the new diary tomorrow. The skinny pages came about because I had left everything I used to make the notecards for Lenna's swap on the table and occasionally my sloppy habits come in handy as all those vintage fabrics brought Debby to mind. She loves vintage and especially vintage images of children. The skinny pages were made very much like the top for the notecards.

I used fabric images and a transparency from Paperwhimsy and added vintage buttons as well as beading around the images with size 11 seed beads.


Debby said...

Oh my gosh, I am the luckiest girl in the world. Frieda, i love, love my skinny pages, they are just so awesome. Can hardly wait for them to arrive so I can study them up close and touch and feel and oh my...
Happy New Year, my sweet friend.

Terri said...

Beautiful skinny Frieda! I love all the layers and your extra touches to it.
Happy New Year to you!

Doreen said...

Beautiful skinny pages for Debby. They have such charm! Best wishes to you and yours for 2011.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Frieda! How can one person produce so much gorgeous art?!! Just teasing, because it is obvious you do this so well. I love how you started with the same background fabrics as the note card swap but adding the paper whimsy image (perfect for debby) and keeping the colours as you did, a bit lighter -it produced a different yet still stunning effect!
bravo, especially that you are done with january's page already!!
happY HaPpY 2011! xo lenna

Maggi said...

What a beautiful vintage skinny page, she will love it! It's so nice to be ahead of schedule!

Happy New Year!

friedaquilter said...

Thanks so much for the encouraging comments. Receiving these makes my day! All best wishes to you all for 2011!

Debby said...

Frieda, yes, yes you should get an ipad, they are so amazing. I can't put the darned thing


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