Thursday, 2 December 2010

A Little Picture in the snow

I also decided that there is not much point waiting to get out of the lane in order to carry on with the A Million Little Pictures project as there is every possibility this might not be possible till Xmas or beyond, so I looked around and captured another detail of the bridge near our home, this time covered in snow.

Remember I'm taking the pictures for this project with a disposable camera send to me, but I'm also photographing the exact same picture with my digital camera so that I can show them on this blog on the day I take the photographs for AMLP. I will have to wait to get the film developed in order to see if the pictures on the disposable camera are of the same quality! That is of course if I manage to get to a place to get it done!! Before May!

1 comment:

Rella said...

I find your blog to be a lovely place to wander a spell. The posts and the photos are treasures and I find I want to wander, still, so off I go.......
xox Rella


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