Thursday, 2 December 2010

Mary's December Challenge

The previous two posts were all about the snow and might lead you to believe I'm not working! Not true! Or rather not entirely true. Yes, a lot of time has been spend outside but I have also beaded more than 100 blocks (over half way!) and I have even managed to produce a spread in my Vintage Gluebook. This is partly in response to the December challenge on Mary's blog and partly also in response to her Collage Basics classes.

Her challenge works as follows. She gifts us a collage sheet of 3 images on her blog and we have to use all three to make something. What is up to us and it was my choice to use my gluebook. It only has room for one more spread now and it's satisfyingly fat! I used Mary's images (some several times and in different sizes) and only added a vintage music sheet to the composition.


Terri said...

Hello Frieda,
Your vintage guest book spread is lovely. How fun to play like that.
I am sure your quilt is looking fabulous....I can't wait to see it done.
I am very glad you are doing more than shoveling snow!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

That is SO cool, what you did in your gluebook Frieda!! I love it. Repeating her face is an awesome idea. And 100 beaded blocks. Wow, you are a snow shoveling, beading, quilting, mixed media super woman!!!!!
Love, lenna

joy said...

Hi, Frieda! If the header on your blog is a sampling of the quilt you are beading, it is simply beautiful! And, I love your DPS using three different sizes of the image. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

This is lovely, the duplication of the image really focuses me attention, this is so great!

Linda said...

This is a lovely spread Frieda...I love hoe you've uses multiple of the image.

Joanna said...

The 3 images is a great idea - you thought out of that box, didn't you?!


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