Friday, 7 January 2011

More skinny pages!

The temperature outside was minus 10 this morning and my mood was set at about the same low level. One of the less entertaining aspects of being a quilt artist is that quilts need to wing their way to exhibitions and back, but sadly they don't actually have wings so that it is necessary to employ courier companies, sometimes not of my own choosing. Take my advice and don't use UPS!! To say they drove me mad is a severe understatement. In fact if you're looking for a recommendation, when transporting quilts within the U.K. I select to use the Special Delivery service from Royal Mail. It means that your own postie will deliver it and he knows the way! Also non-delivery on the due date and time means you get your money refunded and that's an added incentive for the Royal Mail to deliver on schedule. The quilt finally made it to my door today but I had been chasing UPS online and by phone since yesterday morning, taking up my phone line for most of the day in one way or another as well as keeping me chained to the house for the duration.

I decided to make a virtue out of this by making the last set of skinny pages for the exchange. Again theSE are not due till next month, but finishing any project early produces such a good and satisfied feeling and I so needed that. Lisa left the choice of subject to every individual artist but I know she loves angel, Madonna and cemetary imagery (check out her marvelous collage sheets on these subject at Collage Stuff) so I went with that as I also like these. As December is also just over that got thrown into the mix as well. The first page (seen above) features a fabric - paper collage mounted onto fabric, and beaded around the edges.

The other page featured another detail of the same fabric - paper collage but this time scanned into the computer and printed out onto watercolour paper. The transparencies are from Artchix Studio.
After the quilt was delivered life felt a lot brighter again. I admit I'm rather frantic about quilt deliveries since Blue Waves was stolen in 2006. If it can happen once, it can happen again!
But the day ended a lot better when I managed to capture the photo (also my blip today) seen as the top. Brush, the cat, had sneaked onto the beanbag normally occupied by Troi, the greyhound. She was sitting in his chair so that was only fair. When Troi returned to "her" beanbag she knew better than to disturb him, so instead she draped herself around him, gave him a few licks for good measure and they both settled down for a long snooze. Perhaps I should follow suit!


Helen Cowans said...

With you all the way with UPS, when I taught in Australia I shipped via UPS and they "lost" my box going out for 5 days..... full of all my precious work. It was stuck in the back of the warehouse...... I was horrified. Trying to speak to someone was a nightmare

Debby said...

Frieda, absolutely fabulous pages for Lisa. You have gone out with a bang and Lisa will love, love them.

Terri said...

Frieda, I am sorry about your postal delays. And how sad about your lost quilt! Let's hope it will never happen again.
Your skinny pages are incredible. I know I am always saying how talented and inspiring you are to me, but it is just true. Your art is like candy to me. I love it! And these pages are fab. I don't even know how to do a fabric and paper collage!!! What do you use for adhesive? Could you give me a little idea how to try it myself, and I will give it a go.

I do hope it warms up for you.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Royal mail sounds so much better! Not hearing it all the time, I have always liked the sound of it. Sounds very distinguished and special!

And!! It is so wonderful you have finished all your skinny pages, Frieda . . . this one is lovely! I must admit though, my favorite part of this post is your precious photo of Brush and Troi : ))
xo lenna

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Frieda, I just checked out 'collage stuff' and I do not know if I should love you, or be mad at you!!!!!!!!! HA! I ordered quite a number of things as you can imagine . . . and it is funny, but I don't think I have ever visited that site before. What a lovely, loveLY selection of 'stuff' Lisa has!!

friedaquilter said...

Thanks so much for the great comments, and Terri, full information about my fabric-paper collages can be found here:

as well as by clicking on the fabric - paper collage label on this blog! I look forward to seeing your first collage soon!


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