Sunday, 9 January 2011

More snow

It snowed almost all morning but at the same time the temperature must have risen as it also started to melt. Our walk took us in the opposite direction as yesterday and thus also provided different opportunities for photography.

This was by far the best one and is my blip for today.

I have also started to make a new quilt. John virtually begged me to do so! When I'm not creating it affects my mood, specially when I can't get out of the house on artist away days, so he must have been getting desperate. At first I thought I had no ideas at all, having concentrated so hard on the quilts for the exhibition. I kept telling myself I should not go off on a tangent and think about other quilts. But as it happens, simply looking around the studio and studying forms for upcoming competitions and their themes was enough to get me started and it's great to walk in and see the beginnings on my design wall!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

how exciting!! : ^ ))

arts4all said...

A new project can be a dramatic and often risky step in a fresh direction. Will await further bulletins!

Your blip is gorgeous as usual - all the lovely long blue shadows.

Maggi said...

A new quilt, how exciting! The snow is so beautiful there, we got quite a bit of snow ourselves this morning!


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