Monday, 28 February 2011


It was a stunning day weatherwise although the sun was not exactly shining in my inner world. Perhaps after all the wonderful good news of the previous few weeks I should have expected some bad to come my way but I'm not generally that superstituous! That might change now, though!! I needed to do a lot of calming down, thinking and reflecting on things which happened today, so I took myself and Rueben, the dog, off into the hills.

We again took the old Roman Road but this time in a southwesterly direction which meant we were going along the contours of the Pentland Hills on a relatively level although unsurfaced path. The path is one of the Tweed Trails, as are almost all my walks up into the hills. You can download a map and they are also very well sign posted. A good thing as most of the time my thoughts were elsewhere.
However the beauty of my surroundings gradually filtered through and I sort of woke up and took some pictures. The reflections one at the top of this blog was my blip for today not only because it was by far the best picture I took but also because it fitted in so well with what this day was all about.

If you want to know what put me in such a thought trance you can read the colour - quilts - collage page on this blog and I will also blog about the events in question here just as soon as I can trust myself to write about them, which might take a few days.

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Helen Cowans said...

Oh NO! *hugs" and more *hugs*

I saw the dates advertised in the Quilters Guild Magazine yesterday too, what confusion for you.


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