Friday, 25 February 2011

Sketchbook borrowed

And then I received an e-mail yesterday that someone had actually borrowed my sketchboook during the exhibition session in The Brooklyn Art Library, NY. Many thanks to Judy D, whoever she is! She unwittingly made my day. Even though I knew this sketchbook would be off on its travels during 2011, it still came as a complete surprise to receive that e-mail. You can see the rest of my pages here.
It was such a fun project to do that I'm quite sorry it's finished apart from the Sketchbook tour around the US. Hope they'll do it all over again this year so I can too.


Maggi said...

Oh wow, how cool!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Oh, that is so very exciting, Frieda! I did not get an email yet, but hopefully sometime during the tour. Your sketchbook is so beautiful with it's quilted cover . . . I will definitely be borrowing it if I get to Winter Park, FL for the tour in July, I should!

Our friends garth and nora are visiting from NY which is wonderful but my time is tight, once again. Know I am still thinking of you even when busy. xo lenna

Catriona said...

Lovely to see you today at Quilts. Congrats on your prize winning journal quilts.


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