Thursday, 24 February 2011

It's not all bad news

In fact, I've had lots of good news in the past couple of weeks but the tooth rather overshadowed it. Now that I have recovered I'm looking back and am getting to feel rather happy about it all. First of all I am still (till the end of the month) the Artist in the Spotlight on the ATCsforAll site and when that is finished I will be the Featured Artist on another site (all will be revealed in the very near future) for the entire month of March.

I had to fill in a questionnaire for that which I did some time ago. You will get to read it in due course but one of the questions was: "What would you take to a deserted island?". I try and give the answers to such questions from the heart i.e. I name the first thing that comes to mind and in this case that was: "Needle and thread", and elaborated on that by saying I could use them to make a quilt out of leaves. So I was completely taken aback when only days later I discovered that I was not the only one with this wonderful idea. Oh no, someone had been there before me (in a marvelous example of synchronicity) although not on a deserted island but in the botanical garden in Dawyck. Anna S King has an exhibition there and one of her artworks was blowing in the wind outside (you can see it above) and yes, it might be more in the shape of a kimono, but the gest of it is like my quilt of leaves idea!

There was more good news as I was randomly selected as the winner of the January FAMM challenge. FAMM stands for Fiberarts/Mixed Media and you can see the button associated with it in the sidebar. All I did was to upload the picture of my Highly Prized Journal Quilt to the Flickr group associated with FAMM and next thing I knew I had won and received a blank canvas book (long had my eye on that!) as well as a free downloadable e-book from C&T Publishing. Even with my dial-up the download proved very easy and the canvas book arrived within days as well. Such unexpected treats!

And still more good news arrived by post too but I'm going to be a tease and save this one till the weekend when I will be able to gather pictures to go with it! That should give you a hint as the quilt show is on in Ingliston at that time. That good news was better than all the rest!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

That sounds like a lot of wonderful news and a bit of synchronicity = what a wonderful combination! Congratulations, Frieda! I love the quilt/kimono of leaves. : )))))
xo lenna

Terri said...

I am just now starting to catch up on your blog, as I have been away recuperating.
I am glad your tooth issue is healing and that all these other good things are coming to you.


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