Tuesday, 4 October 2011

More painted pages

As I mentioned in an earlier blogpost I'm slowly making the necessary ingredients for the collages I hope to make for the 14th Collage Exchange next year. I needed more papers so duely set to and painted some more today and again used the wonderful cotton reel which produces two circles in one go. Circles are my favourite shape in all the world and by making more papers using it I know they will all go together well, which is good n ews for the resulting collages. The next thing I need to do is start on fabric to accompany the papers. The above one is also my blip for today and here are two more.

Some of the pages I made today reminded me of the beautiful photographs shown on the news yesterday, made by the ALMA telescope in Chile showing the beginning of the universe. Very hard to get your head around the fact that we can now see this happening many million years later but also awe inspiring and breathtaking! One day we might be able to see the very start of, well, of what exactly, the beginning of the very beginning?! Was there anything prior to that? It truely is almost impossible to graps all the implications.

This last page is very dark although I brightened it up a bit with gold acrylic. It looks very leathery (which could be a good thing!) as I kept on going on it for that little bit too long. I should have stopped when the going was good. I might add wax to it at a later stage to reinforce that leather look before I start using it in collages.

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