Monday, 3 October 2011

Stargazer Bracelet

I've finally finished my first beading project started in the 3 classes given by Laura McCabe back in early September (see this earlier blogpost), and about time too. I'm sure I finished my pieces last year a lot earlier but I've been fiendishly stitching, painting and playing in my studio and only allowed myself to bead in the evenings.

This bracelet really sparkles and despite what you might think looking at the picture hardly weighs anything which makes it great to wear! I also bought it in the silver and blue colourway (oh yes, I was oh so bad!) and can't decide whether to complete that first while I still remember how it's done or whether to complete one of the other 2 projects started in class! Will show you pictures of all that just as soon as I've got another kit finished.

1 comment:

Helen Cowans said...

Looks stunning :) (as do the quilts at Edinburgh)


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