Wednesday, 14 December 2011

In the morning it is green

I have finished all pages in my sketchbook now so you will be seeing a lot of the remaining pages that are now done, in quick succession over the coming days. The sign-up for the 2012 sketchbook project is now closed but if you are interested in doing another sketchbook project you can sign up for the Limited Edition. Only 5000 participants (as compared to the over 20.000 people who joined in the 2012 one) and a book will be published in which at least one page from every participant will be shown. In due course my pages will be digitilized for the 2012 sketchbook but you can see my previous sketchbook (2011) here.

Anyway without further ado another green page (to my surprise I discovered that I had dedicated 3 spreads to various greens. Never knew I was so into green, it's definitely not my favourite colour! There are the usual squares on the righthand side together with postage stamps and rubber stamping. On the left hand page is a piece of hand-painted paper as well as a photograph of another paper I painted during the summer.

The electricity maintenance that was cancelled last Thursday due to the storm is now due to take place tomorrow so that will mean a day without the leckie! Hopefully it will be back around 5pm but last time it didn't return till after 8 in the evening. So if I'm not here, you'll know why!

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

well, if you have to be away, I will miss you! (but understand). I love -love -love your GREEN page, Frieda. So refreshing! I am happily anticipating more sketchbook spreads from you. xoxo


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