Wednesday, 29 February 2012

She lived unknown

As promised here is a closer look at one of the Lucy journal quilts that won a prize last week. It's what I call a collage quilt where I made the background first and then add on all the separate elements.

The background here is virtually obscured but it was a heavy furnishing fabric with roses that has been free-machine quilted. Additional layers consisted of vintage lace, hand painted fabric, another furnishing fabric and then finally the digitally manipulated picture, made on my computer and printed out onto a silk fabric. The bride is one of my own beloved vintage images and the graveyard picture was taken in Newlands graveyard nearby.

The text of the poem was also printed onto fabric, layered with metal and fabric and additional embellishments were then sewn on. Around the edges of the binding is my signature beading with size 11 seed beads.


theresa martin said...

It's very beautiful. Congrats on the win! Thanks for the close up look.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I love this journal quilt Frieda, with all it's layers, the poem and the printing on silk fabric. So, so inspiring in all it's beauty!! xo

Linda said...

Easy to see why it won. Beautifully done.


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