Thursday, 31 May 2012

22. A New Leaf Journal Quilt

It's almost June and I'm being one day ahead of things by uploading my next yellow A4 sized Journal Quilt. It's part of my 52 Journals project where I'm aiming to make one journal quilt for every week this year and
it's also part of the monthly Journal Quilt project run by the Contemporary Group of the British Quilting Guild. For them the JQ has to be A4 sized, portrait orientated and as an added challenge they are having a colour theme too. The first 4 months this year 75% of the journal quilts had to be red and for May, June, July and August they have to have the same percentage but this time of yellow! I love yellow
so this is definitely no punishment!

As I showed when I uploaded the first yellow journal quilt I'm using a detail of 2 leaves from a gravestone in Borthwick graveyard  (see below)as inspiration for all my yellow journal quilts. For this particular one I isolated one of the leaves digitally (as per the picture above) and used it as my pattern for the leaf shape.
I cut it out from thick yellow felt (bought from Oliver Twist) and adorned it with hand embroidery, sequins, and beads. This was then appliqued by hand to a yellow dupion silk background and the background was then free-machine quilted, echoing the leaf shape. A green - gold binding was added and 3 vintage French postage stamps were sewn on. Finally I printed the text: "turning over a new leaf" onto yellow fabric and sewed it on and size 11 seed beads were sewn on along the binding.


cri-cri said...

he is beautiful and with the promise of a beautiful summer inside ...

Linda said...

This is very nice. It's hard to believe the leaf and the background aren't the same fabric. Wonderful beading and hand stitching.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

it is beautiful, Frieda. I love rading your process as much as I like seeing the finished piece!

theresa martin said...

I love how you are bringing those stone designs to vibrant life! Beautiful Frieda!


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