Saturday, 2 June 2012

West Linton Whipman procession

Like many other places in the Scottish Borders West Linton commemorates the time of the reivers every year. In West Linton this event is called the Whipman. Reivers were engaged in border disputes and cattle thefts with the English as well as with each other in times gone bye. Horse riding was an important skill for these activities and during the Whipman week the participating riders traverse the village and ford, led by the Whipman and his Lass. They are pictured above, sadly accompanied by a no parking cone which I feel really interferes with my picture composition!. 
And here is part of the procession making it's way to the Lower Green and the ford crossing the river Lyne

It's seeing all the different horses which is my favourite part of the procession. They are all washed and brushed, and looking very fetching.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

I love the buildings as well as the horses and their riders!

Borderline Quilter said...

I love horsey posts in among the quilts....

Best Wishes
Kay in Scotland

Linda said...

Any reason for a parade is a good one.


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