Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Blues

You'll have to indulge me at the moment. I'm so excited to be back blogging and on broadband no less that I don't want a day to go by without doing it! And as we all know blippers do it once a day! So no reason bloggers can't do so either.
This blue poppy (or meconopsis) is growing in one of our own flowerbed and is thus prized beyond rubies. It took long enough to persuade a plant to finally establish itself and when the first flower of the season appears I can barely contain my pleasure.
Yes seeing them en masse such as can been viewed at present in Dawyck Botanical Gardens is something else again (and not to be missed!) but this one is all ours.
Above is the back view, with the delicate veining and the colour going into mauve and pink.  I love the additional adornment with the raindrops. One flower and so much beauty.
So I'm definitely not having the blues in the normal sense of the word, I'm on a blue high instead.


theresa martin said...

Beautiful - such a delicate and rare color.

Linda said...

I do agree with Theresa as I've never seen poppies in colors other than orange doubles or red orientals (my absolute favorites!)

Linda said...

What a treat to see the blue poppy again. The back is just as beautiful as the front. Nice photo.


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