Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Old Sun Inn garden

I've definitely got my mojo back and then some. So I'm treating you to a wealth of photographs taken during our garden visit to The Old Sun Inn garden (now a private house) in Newbattle. It was open under Scotland's Garden Scheme. Due to recent cold weather the flowering of the plants is a bit behind (although not as much as in our own, much higher located garden) but there was plenty of beauty to be seen.
 such as this dark red rhododendron
 this primula
 and this radiantly blue iris with resident wildlife
This plant had stopped flowering and I've no idea what it is (all suggestions gratefully received!), but oh the seedheads provided a wonderful play of lines blowing gently in the wind.
And how I coveted this yellow iris! Our irises don't get enough warmth most years to flower at all and I couldn't get as close as I would have liked ideally (without stepping in their flowerbeds!), but the above picture gives you a beautiful corner of the garden with one of the windows of the Old Sun Inn in the background. Apparently the inn had fallen into disrepair when the present owners bought it about 50 years ago and they've done a marvellous job restoring it.
Of course we went home with more plants! 3 orange primulas (as seen on the picture above) and a large blue poppy as shown on the picture above that one. We also enjoyed our cream tea and although I had a small piece of cake (due to the still delicate state of my mouth) John had more what can only be described as a meal (sandwiches, 4 cakes no less, and he was tempted to go back for more helpings but managed to control himself)

I had a hard time deciding what to blip today but it will probably be the last picture shown here as it's such a good mix of colours. And it's such a happy photograph too, and thus reflecting perfectly my mood today. Who would ever have thought that the arrival of broadband would do such wonders for my state of mind!


Linda said...

Now I'm all caught up from the days I missed and enjoyed all the posts. I didn't know there was such a thing as a blue poppy-the color is gorgeous! Thanks for the sharing.

Doreen said...

What a beautiful garden! I think your seedhead could be the Pasque flower, Pulsatilla vulgaris. It looks very like mine!
Glad to hear you now have broadband.

Linda said...

Stunning photos Frieda!!!! So happy you're up and running with broadband!


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