Monday, 23 September 2013

Autumn Dog Walk

Hope you won't mind coming with me on my dog walk this morning. The sun was shining on our hill while down below the mist was still hanging in the valley.  The dogs were keen to get out and so was I.
 Down by the railway bridge the trees are turning.
And along the old railway line the grass was monopolized by spider's webs. I felt sorry that I couldn't help walking through some of them. They were literally sparkling away and some crossed the path from one side to the other. Some spiders have clearly made an effort with very intricate structures.
 Just look at this wonder of regular pattern.
 The grass itself also looked beautiful in the low sun.
This is definitely a contemporary spider with an alternative web structure, a bit like the difference between traditional and contemporary quilting!
 Strangely enough I couldn't find many spiders in residence. Do they go in hiding when the sun comes out?
When I reached the point where the dogs and I turn around to return home this was the view that greeted me. It looks like a Japanese wood print. So stunning. It looks like we had the best of the day. The sun has now gone in and the spider webs, although they are still there, have disappeared from view. But we had our fill of that early beauty and the walk will become part of our memories.


Jewels said...

lovely Frieda - don't you just love those kind of mornings? Thanks for sharing

Terri said...

I so enjoyed our walk together! lol! What beauty you have shared with us today. Those spider webs were natures jewels. I loved your thoughts as to the styles! And your last image is a gorgeous vista.


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