Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Gelli Plate Print

It's still miserable outside and I was longing for a picture with colour. Normally I don't do that much painting when the colder weather comes as my shed gets rather fresh, but this year I decided to bring all my paints and paraphernalia inside into one of the spare rooms and carry on regardless. I'm a very messy worker so will need to remember to take a bit more care there! After transferring everything I couldn't help playing away immediately using my gelli plate. Even I was surprised by the amount of chaos I managed to produce in just one afternoon. But I did tidy most of it away! This is one of the colourful results. This is on paper. I also managed to produce an entire series of painted cotton. More about them in due course when I have put them to good use.


Jewels said...

I still need to really experiment with my geli plate. I tried in September and was unhappy with my results especially since the brayer I was using created "lines" through the paint - ugh....maybe over the holidays - any and all tips welcome LOL....p.s. yours is wonderful

whyducks said...


Linda said...

I'm just dying to play with mine again but it will have to wit until my xmas things are finished. Your beautifully vibrant print is fabulous!!


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