Monday, 3 March 2014

Snowdrops in Dawyck

After the disappointing weather yesterday I was still hankering after snowdrops. So when today dawned bright and sunny we decided to make the most of it and visit Dawyck Botanical Gardens for the first time this year. And we weren't disappointed! Spring was in the air and we spotted many male pheasants strutting their stuff such as the one above.
I'm not sure what  particular variety of snowdrop this is but it was gorgeous. The flowers are larger than normal and have a sort of bell shape with green dots at the end of the petals.
It was lovely inside and out as you can see above.

And just look at these snowdrops displays! They were everywhere in huge numbers covering the earth in whiteness.
Now and again the sun came out and made them sparkle even more reflecting from the remaining raindrops. It was so pretty. It was still quiet in the Gardens so I didn't feel too awkward virtually laying on the ground taking pictures.
And miraculously some rhododendrons were out already such as the one above, and the other bushes had big, fat juicy buds that look oh so promising for the future. I always love the first visit after the garden reopens. There is so much promise everywhere of another beautiful spring and summer in this amazing place that it fills my heart with joy and anticipation of all the visits still to come.


theresa martin said...

This was a nice shot of Spring Frieda! We have snow again today so it's nice to have a preview of what will be coming soon.

massofhair said...

I am quite envious that Dawyck Gardens are so close to you. Visited a few years ago & took some of my best photography there. It was raining & the rain drops were magnificient on the iris', the tree bark was irridescent on the silver trees. Couldn't take enough pictures of the blue fir cones either.

A magnificient and magical place, thanks for triggering a wonderful memory.

Glad you had a wonderful time there:-)

Lenna Young Andrews said...

what a wonderful way to start your season of visits there, so nice!

Jewels said...

Lovin those snowdrops Frieda - will be awhile yet before we see them here so I will enjoy vicariously through you for awhile LOL


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