Saturday, 20 September 2014

In the Museum

It was great to get my subscription issue from British Patchwork & Patchwork magazine for October 2014. There is an article starting on page 32 about my 52 Journals exhibition, written beautifully by Jane Rae. It is accompanied by a lovely selection of pictures chosen by Joanne Kent, the editor of the magazine. To Lenna and my mutual delight we discovered the same issue for sale in the Newsagents in Peebles so she could buy a copy to take back home when she departs, sadly on Monday morning already. The time seems to have flown past.

We spend most of the day at the exhibition as I had a bus full of quilters and embroiderers coming from Dumfries so the museum stayed open till 4 pm and I gave them a talk/gallery walk. These are some pictures of me in action, taken by Lenna .
The other good news is that during this week when I was mainly absent from the exhibition, a piece was sold and then to my intense delight I discovered that another one of the journal quilts, the one called Shelter, is going home with Lenna to Florida.
As there were many friends present we prevailed on one of them to take our picture together!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a lovely day on Saturday it was really good to hear your talk

Linda Kunsman said...

I would have loved to have been there-and gotten one of your quilts to take home too. So happy to see you and Lenna in a photo together- a happy friendship to share finally in person:)


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