Saturday, 2 May 2015

Early May in Dawyck

We had a careful look at the weather forecast which is full of dire predictions for rain, cold wind and even snow and decided the best time to go and have a walk in Dawyck was this morning. When we left the house the sun was shining but it started to cloud over already during the walk and now the clouds are looking ever darker so I think we called it right. The first flowers on view were the trilliums such as the trillium grandiflorum seen above.
 And the red variety which I like even more. 
 I looked around to see if there was a sign telling us what these white beauties are called but couldn't find one.
 We heard and finally also saw pheasants and after a lot of trying even managed to capture one.
The early flowering rhododendrons are almost all over now and the later flowering ones not anything like ready. I spotted the promising bud above but mostly there was not a hint of the colour on view that will be coming towards the end of this month or later in June, depending on the weather. Just hope our late frosts won't harm those juicy buds and stop them in their track.

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Linda Kunsman said...

absolutely gorgeous photos Frieda! And that colorful pheasant-I'd love to see one of those.


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