Sunday, 4 October 2015

Caerlaverock Nature Reserve


We went to visit our friends who had rented a holiday cottage near Caerlaverock Nature Reserve and took Rueben with us as they too have a dog called Alfie. As luck would have it 2 more spaniels were also visiting and to get rid of some of that doggy energy we took all 4 for a long walk in the nature reserve.

Here are Alfie and Rueben on one of the broadwalk paths running through the reserve where it can be very wet indeed. Fortunately it has been lovely and dry for the past few weeks.

Rueben looked on indulgently on the 3 much younger dogs, like an elderly gent keeping an eye on 3 unruly teenagers.

The sky was huge and occasionally full of flying geese.


And there was a wide variety of different grasses.

There was a sense of walking in a world with no end about this beautiful sea and landscape.


1 comment:

Lenna Young Andrews said...

This looks so lovely Frieda and your comment about Ruben and the younger dogs has me smiling. What a nice outing!


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