Thursday, 14 April 2016


This is another of the fabrics I found irresistible while in New York and I'm featuring it today as part of the Abstract Challenge taking place every Thursday on the Blipfoto site. I don't always participate in the challenges there but as I was putting away all the treasures I bought during the trip this fabric seemed very suitable for the challenge today.

I bought what they had left on the bolt at The City Quilter and I'm so pleased I did. I have no idea yet when or how I'm going to use it but the fact that I have 1.1/2 yards of it makes me happy! It's called Crystalia and was produced by Hoffman California International Fabrics in 2015.


peggy gatto said...

It looks like you could have created that design!

Linda Kunsman said...

yes, as Peggy said this looks like ot could be one of yours-stunning fabric!!

SheilasEmbroidery said...

Beautiful fabric, I love it. I will be interested to see what you eventually do with it.


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