Thursday, 28 April 2016

My Future

We get two prompts per month from the Wanderlust 2016 classes. They are unrelated to the classes themselves but simply spur you on to work in an art journal and do your own thing. The second prompt for April was: My Future. The other element that influenced this spread was the video that accompanied the new set of stencils for the Stencilgirl Club this month. As part of your membership of the Club you don't just get 3 stencils but you also get the password for the exclusive to members videos that demonstrate how to use those stencils. This month the stencils were designed by MaryBeth Shaw, the owner of Stencilgirl Products, and I loved the video. At the time I made this spread the stencils for April hadn't arrived here in Scotland yet but I have plenty of other Stencilgirl stencils so I used some of those.

MaryBeth started her pages by collaging and I did the same which you can just about still see in the background. I worked on the textured pages that form part of the Vintage Vanity Art Journal in which I do all my prompts for Wanderlust. As the background was completely covered with collage it didn't matter that the paper itself was patterned. The collaged papers were then covered up themselves with paint.

For the stencilling I used the small stencil from the February 2015 Stencilgirl Club as well as the very versatile Tropical Floral stencil (designed by Traci Bautista). This last one is so full of patterns that I never get tired of using it and you will have seen it before on my pages and will no doubt see it again. It also features flowers and words as you can see.

I stamped on the words My Future (from Stencil Alphabet stencil), and then found a suitable quotation that reads: "You cannot fight against the future. Time is on our side" and added to it the French postage stamp showing what to me has always looks like someone who is sowing. And for this spread she is sowing the seeds of the future.

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Linda Kunsman said...

Fantastic layers and layers Frieda!


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