Saturday, 3 February 2018

More snow

Apparently the groundhogs in the US have predicted 6 weeks more of winter and it appears they cover Scotland too. We have more snow overnight and it snowed gently during our morning dog walk in the forest too. It may be soft but it can accumulate fast! It looks like more snow and ice are on their way next week too so just as well the freezers are full.
There was little wind and the snow flakes softly descended upon us. Ideal conditions for a very enjoyable outing. Flora had a good time rolling in deer droppings so she was happy too. Fortunately most of it ended up on her coat. The larches looked like delicate lace.

We reached the top of the forest with my favourite tree seen here at the left. The only tracks we found were from deer and pheasants but we didn't see any other living beings.

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